TIPS for EASY DIY “BACK TO SCHOOL” PHOTOs By Photographer Jen Candela Photography

It’s that awesome time of the year all if not most parents are excited about. It’s #backtoschool time Yay!!! This time of the year can be hectic for sure. Between clothes shopping, meal planning, and lets not forget about the school supply lists that seem to get longer and more expensive each year (Insert eye roll emoji here lol!)

With all the chaos we all have certain things we have on list of “To- DO’s’. Usually one of those important things is taking a #backtoschoolphoto or a #firstdayofschoolphoto. Well, I’m here to help you make at least one thing are your list more “do-able” and and super easy.

TIP # 1 ~ Find an outfit that fits properly and is a simple color palette! Be super budget savvy and use an outfit you already own.

Example: Boys- Khaki or Denim pants with a solid color collared polo shirt or solid shirt in general. Prints on t-shirts can make the image look messy and unpolished ,which gives a less professional look. Shoes should be a simple color. If you are using sneakers, try to use something with out an characters. Making sure they are clean and tidy helps as well.

Example: Girls- A simple one piece outfit or dress gives you one less thing to have to coordinate. Colors should compliment skin tone , eye color or hair color. Bonus if you find a color palette to compliment all. Shoes should be neutral in color or match the main color of the outfit. Avoid basic flip flops if you are going for a more professional look.

Example of Girls Outfit : Not My Image

Example of Boys Outfit : Not My Image

TIP # 2 ~ Purchase an inexpensive mini white board or chalk board. If your budget calls for it, purchase a simple stencil set as well. This will you get creative but keep things looking neat. Add details to the board such as a specific day, date, age of the child, child’s name, and grade. If your board is big enough you can also add what they are looking forward to learning , what they want to be when they are a grown up and any other details you would love to look back on when they are older. You can do the same details yearly or change it from year to year.

Example of Chalk Board Art: Not My Image

TIP # 3 ~ Find a window with lots of light shining in. Since its HOT in most places this time of the year, indoor places are way more preferred. Children tend to be more willing to smile and cooperate more lol! If there is an uncluttered wall near the window, use it as your background. Stand your child at least 1 foot away from the wall. Check to see if your child has some window light on its face and make sure he or she is not squinting. If they are are squinting . Turn them in a circle little by little until you notice they stop squinting. Sounds more complicated then it is lol!

Example of TIP # 3 Window light and TIP # 4 HAVE FUN!!

TIP # 4 ~ Use your cell phone or digital camera to shoot some amazing images by having a fun time. Have your child laugh by telling jokes, speak about what they are looking forward to in school to show excitement , and maybe squeeze in a selfie with your child as well. HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL !!

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