This Is My "Why?"

Ever wonder what the driving force or motivation is for people ? Why do they do the things they do? How is it possible for someone to love a person or something so much? How is possible to feel so fulfilled by something? Isn't it amazing when we are younger we really don't grasp the concept of time? When we are 18 years old we think 30 years old … is OLD lol! We don't appreciate the same things, as we do with more passing time in life. Clearly, I'm not the same person I was at 18 years old , 25 years old , or even 30 years old. Yet some how I still have the same #LOVE and #PASSION for capturing anything and everything. No matter all the changes I have made in my life so far... maturing into womanhood, becoming a wife, a mother to 6 children, #ProfessionalPhotographer , an Entrepreneur, a Teacher, a #PersonalTrainer, etc. my love of photographing all memories has always stayed the same.

My grandiose light bulb moment! After all the changes in my life, capturing so many of those priceless memories …..How have I not lost the love and passion for photography? I've come to realize these life chapters have been stepping stones of inevitable change. I've experienced great happiness, sadness, love, pain, heart brake, emptiness, fulfillment, and so much more of course ( I'm sure you ALL can relate! ) but, through out the years those memories have become less vivid (lets face it some of us can barely remember what we had for dinner last night lol!) Capturing those memories has been the biggest gift to myself and my family. They are part of who we are no matter what we feel today. That in itself is #PRICELESS.

This Is My "Why?" This is my love ! This is my appreciation of life! This is my passion! This is my "calling"! This is my opportunity to give the same priceless captured memory to someone else to share with their family and friends for infinite time. This is so much more than just me behind a camera. Hopefully, I can capture a memory to create the same love and passion for someone else to pass on some day. I have not yet met a single person that has ever told me they had TOO many photos! However, there has been sooooo many people who have the same one big regret, NOT having enough photos!( this is especially for family members)

What's your passion? What's your love? What's your "calling"? What is your "WHY?"


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