Black & White Wedding Images By Photographer Jen Candela Photography

There's just something about a black and white image that captures the essence of a moment in no other way. Is it the contrast of the highlights and dark shadows that enhances the details of the image? is it the subconscious traditional feel brought back to today's modern world? or maybe it's the focus on the emotions captured in the scene since there is less distractions from vibrant colors or distracting backgrounds?

My take on these's all of the above! it's really depending on the person your asking. Each person will have their own reasons. One common reason will be the same for most though, it's the feeling evoked by the black and white images, for each person that emotional reaction is a tell tale sign of how powerful a black and white image is.

More and more of my clients have been requesting #blackandwhiteportraits or albums with black and white images only. Some will also have color versions added to their collections to have a mixture of wall galleries and albums. The trend for weddings for the last several years has been light and airy or warm and moody, yet no matter what the trend may be or has become, there has been no shortage of black and white wedding portrait requests from #JenCandelaPhotography clients. These timeless classic captured memories will be the perfect heirloom for generations to cherish. The image above captures the pure joy on this couples wedding day. It doesn't show the color of her flowers or the grooms tuxedo, yet somehow when your looking at the image, that isn't your first or even your second thought. It's the happiness and love captured that is the main focus.

Here's the color version! I happen to think both are absolutely beautiful, they make me feel something different with each version. Which do you prefer? Black and white or color? Ask yourself how they make you feel and what about them makes you feel that way? : )

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